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Warm Front has serviced companies like Hugo Boss, TD Canada Trust, and Bermuda Telephone, as well as fledgling start-ups where every dollar is a precious and potentially irreplaceable asset. We’ve been leaders in the creation of sales force automation tools and in the mass-customization of digital documents composed using customers’ individual data.

Our desire to engage customers by focusing on what’s most relevant to them drew us to Social Media, where our experience in dialogue marketing is applied in real time, in the public conversations where this day’s market trends are born!


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Harry Minaker
Social Media & Marketing Strategist | Branding Specialist | Lead Generation | Product Promotions & Merchandising | Digital & Direct Advertising | Media Buying | Press & Media | Public Speaker  

As a marketing professional, I build my clients’ sales by leveraging their unique product or service advantages, any favorable market factors, or by developing and exploiting sales channels in new and productive ways.

While the methods vary with each assignment, I consistently focus on the power of building dialogue between my clients and their customers. These relationships build trust, the most important plank in any sales process.

In recent years digital communications have largely changed how marketing and sales are accomplished. In the past, an endless cycle of sales and advertising campaigns, tradeshows and customer events, and special promotions divided up clients’ annual calendars.

But in today’s digital marketplace, customer engagement is continuous, as consumers of every stripe turn to more immediate sources of information, opinion and advice. Even websites have largely become redundant as buyers look for instant answers and insight within the riches of social media postings.

Does that mean brand creation and promotion is less important? Just the opposite. With the advent of social media, my work has become even more deliberate and methodical. I now manage my clients’ brands continuously, in real time, over online sales channels that have tremendous market reach!  

For a marketer like myself the challenge is exciting, the rewards amazing, and the satisfaction immense!



Bruce Aitken
Visual Branding Specialist | Logo & Identity Programs | Web & Graphic Design | Rich Media | Infographics | Visual Merchandising | Exhibit & Trade Show Design | Product Packaging

I’m a visual branding and communications specialist. I help clients succeed by creating the visual presentation their companies and products become known by in the marketplace.

When people think of branding, they usually think of about logos, colours, type treatments and graphic styles. They rarely consider why these elements exist in the forms they do – or how they work to influence a product’s popularity, or to shape an organization’s destiny.

My job is to create a visual “language” that instantly instills credibility and market acceptance. Sometimes that means honing a client’s image so that it is consistent with the best of its market peers. At other times, it may be better to visually separate a company from its competitors. Achieving the right balance takes as much business judgement as visual taste!

That’s why I spend so much time learning about my clients’ marketing approach and analyzing the branding of their competitors. Everything from customer demographics to consumer fashions is important. Yet in the end there’s always an element of magic to be found, an opportunity to create something that is singularly drawn from the “soul” of my client’s enterprise. 

As I practice it, branding creates business opportunity and social expectations in equal measure!



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