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Hugo Boss Amatuer Boxing Black tie event ticket and invitation Morris/Rose/Ledgett Hockey Hall of Fame American Bar Association Event Invitation

Recent Projects - Corporate Communications

Your business serves internal and external stakeholders - the relationships that allow you to prosper within the marketplace. Our experience spans both your audiences, allowing us to be effective whether the challenge involves public and community affairs, employee engagement, or public and investor relations. We’re able to provide cost-effective solutions that merge the very best of digital and traditional communications.

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Powerstream - 12 Days in November
Super Storm Sandy was a dramatic challenge for Eastern Electricity providers, as they rushed to help one another restore power to communities up and down North America’s Eastern Seaboard. PowerStream asked us to write and design a publication that commemorates their near-heroic efforts.

Horizon Utilities - Plug In to Win!
Smart grids, smart appliances, and smart neighbourhoods are major game-changes for North America’s electricity distributors. Warm Front is a leader helping Utilities communicate with consumers; building award-winning multi-platform programs to establish and sustain customer dialogue and involvement.


Hugo Boss - Amateur Boxing Event
Each year Hugo Boss looks for exciting and novel ways to reward the support of fashion retailers and journalists throughout their marketplace. We became involved branding a black tie boxing event that coincided with the Vancouver Indy Race – producing VIP passes, invitations and event graphics.

Morris Rose Ledgett - Invitation
Toronto law firms vied to engage visiting lawyers attending the American Bar Association Conference. Our client’s event was at the Hockey Hall of Fame, so our invitation design included a game ticket and sports cards that featured the legal stats of their key lawyers – complete with a stick of gum!

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