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Mirvish Productions Needfire Passion of the Heart musical stage show Metrp Toronto Police Museum and Discovery Centre brochure and exhibit Mirvish Productions Rent the musical opening night invitation
Pickering Pentecostal Church 40th Anniversary Concert featuring John Starnes poster Max Woolaver and the Digby Ravens Freetimes Cafe concert poster St. James Cathedral an Introductory Music Program for Young Children brochure

Recent Projects - Arts and culture

Telling a story in ways that command attention is vital in every industry – but nowhere as important as it is in the arts and culture arena! Whether it’s an individual ad, the design of entire exhibit floor, or a six-week advertising program intended to fill chairs or populate your next event, Warm Front creates the written and visual “language” that speaks to your existing audience, and also engages new supporters.

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Mirvish Productions – Needfire
Toronto’s Mirvish Productions began with a simple idea for a Celtic celebration and conceived a show that featured dozens of dancers, musicians, and the vocal and story-telling skills of Denny Doherty. We built the branding and advertising, and created the show’s logo, mark and merchandizing plan.

Toronto Police – Museum and Discovery Centre
WF were hired by the MTPD to build the Toronto Police Museum. For three years we poured over police archives, met the squads of detectives and civilian stakeholders, and managed every aspect of the museum’s creation, from writing, design, to project management of the completed installation.

Mirvish Productions – RENT the Musical
With opening night upon them and no time left to act, Mirvish Productions asked us to design VIP Invitations for their Ottawa production of RENT. We rose to the challenge – delivering overnight invitations inscribed with “2 Tickets for RENT” rendered on newsprint as a classified ad, Scotch taped to an availble promotional card!


John Starnes
In our work, we have opportunities to learn about and experience a diverse range of culture and lifestyle choices. Such was the case when Gospel singer John Starnes appeared at the 40th Anniversary of a local Pentecostal church. We promoted the show and John sang to an enthusiastic and full house.

Max Woolaver
Our support of Toronto’s music and arts community takes many forms, including helping strong vocal and song writing talents connect with their audience. Max Woolaver’s Digby Ravens see the bandstand as a “place of truth”, so it was a simple choice for us to help promote and package their music.

St. James Cathedral – Children's Music Program
For most musicians, choral music lays the foundation of their vocal and performance training. Knowing this, we were happy to assist St. James Cathedral promote their Children’s Music Program – a project brought to the table by company principal Harry Minaker, himself a former chorister.

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