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Canadian Iceflo bottled spring water label design Tasco ultimate nature kit binoculars camera swiss army knife packaging design Il Fornello frozen gourmet pizza package design
BTC Bermuda Telephone Company Liberty call features package advertisement Sandpiper home comfort Oakville Hydro win a trip or iPad contest bill insert with fridge magnet Hydroligic environmental product licence agreement sales brochure

Recent Projects - For-profit sector

In the digital age, competition between large and small enterprise makes for a very narrow playing field. Established companies that don’t learn to be as nimble and responsive as their entrepreneurial counterparts lose ground, as customers rally to the market messages that resonate with authenticity and meaning. In the world of dialogue marketing, we’ll make sure your business has a voice that can be heard above the rest.

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Canadian Iceflo - Spring Water
The bottled water and beverage industry employs a well-worked-out visual merchandising language. Iceflo was a new-comer, and our job was to package it so it could claim shelf space and market share against established competing brands. We delivered an instant shelf and cooler success.

Tasco - Ultimate Nature Kit
Bundling works for consumer product merchandising too – something we helped Tasco benefit from when seeking retail shelf commitments for their array of outdoor products. We simplified the marketing challenge as well as their logistics by providing a one-box design that sold their full product line.

Il Fornello
Il Fornello is an established client. We’ve helped them expand their location base, market their custom wood ovens, designed an array of promotional materials, and produced the packaging to launch their frozen foods. It’s been a satisfying relationship, one marked by many smiles and tasty meals!


Bermuda Telephone Company - Liberty
Phone features are almost pure profit for telecom providers, and selling them involves building feature-bundles to answer the lifestyle issues they solve – hence the ‘Liberty’ branding. Our core approach was transferred across each of BTC’s product and service lines, creating new interest and revenue.

Sandpiper - Promotional Contest
When contests merge with customer loyalty programs excitement builds to create new opportunities to sell additional services to existing clients. We helped Sandpiper do this by designing a multi-segment game that put required PIN numbers on fridge magnets – assuring Sandpiper stayed top of mind.

Hydrologic Systems
For newly-listed companies, investor relations and marketing go hand in hand. Embracing this dual perspective, we authored and designed a publication strategy that helped Hydrologic form critical market partnerships while deepening its shareholders understanding of the business mission.

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